Novelty Solution for Sleep Monitoring and Analysis

Night Train is the most accurate and advanced solution in the sleep analysis market. It has been developed in close collaboration with sleep researchers and professors at the Helsinki University and National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The core technology is patented.

Taking Night Train into Use

Night Train technology can be integrated into any device with a skin temperature sensor – this is the only hardware requirement. There are two ways of integrating Night Train:

  1. Technology integration with sleep monitoring algorithms and mobile application for iOS and Android
  2. Turn-key solution combining our cloud service with sleep monitoring algorithms, mobile application for iOS and Android


Example of natural sleep cycle

  • Go to sleep at 10:30-10:45pm or 00:00-00:15am
  • Wake-up at 6:00am-6:15am or 7:30-7:45:am
  • Sleep train interval 88min
  • Sleep time 7h 30min
  • Fall asleep time 10:35pm
  • Wake-up time at 6:10am
  • Sleep scores 87

Thermoregulation as a Sleep Signaling System

Temperature and sleep are interrelated processes also known as the thermoregulation. The rhythms of distal skin temperature and sleep propensity vary inversely across day and night.

When surrounding light reduces, the pineal body starts to produce melatonin. Melatonin induces the sleep train which is measured very accurately from the distal skin temperature changes. Sleep train is a 20-30 minute time window to go to sleep. The changes in distal skin temperature determine also accurate fall asleep-time, different stages of a sleep, length of each sleep stage and the best time window to a wake-up in the morning.

About sleep

The natural sleep cycle, the circadian rhythm, consists of five stages. Each sleep cycle lasts ca. 80-130 minutes with average sleep cycle length of about 90 minutes. An adult needs a minimum of four to five full sleep cycles every night. Any less will result in various effects for short- and long term well-being and health. Less than six or more than nine hours of sleep constantly introduce heightened risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, decreased immune functions, obesity, major depression, etc. 35% of adults in western world suffer from sleeping problems.

About Night Train

At Night Train we believe that healthy is happy! We help people monitor and care for their health and well-being. Our core competences are on creating algorithms and digital services for health monitoring, data mining & analysis. We create  digital health services that really matter to individual people. Our people are a unique mix of scientific, medical, engineering and product creation professionals. Night Train collaborates closely with Universities, Hospitals and National Institutions who work in the front line of people’s well-being.

Juha Rytky


Juha Rytky

Kimmo Myllyoja


Kimmo Myllyoja

Independent Scientific Advisors

  • Timo Partonen
    Research Professor,
    National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
  • Anu-Katariina Pesonen
    Sleep Scientist
    Professor of clinical and development psychology University of Helsinki
  • Liisa Kuula-Paavola
    Cognitive Scientist

Advisor Board

  • Peter Vesterbacka
    Serial Entrepreneur
  • Jussipekka Marttila
    M.D. Specialist in Occupational Health
  • Olli-Pekka Piira
    M.D. Cardiologist
  • Ville Puukka
    Orthopedic Surgeon